CoolHead™ Cooling Insert

CoolHead™ Cooling Insert


CoolHead™ Cooling Hat / Helmet Insert.

Fits any type of hat or helmet: cycling, baseball, equestrian, cricket, football, hockey and all others.


To cool it off: soak it with ice-cold water. Simply rinse it after each use and store wet in the original ziploc for the next use! When using: make sure its soaking wet. Shake off excess water, then place it inside the headgear and put the helmet on head down in order for it not to slip out or fold.

To re-cool on the go: Push on the helmet or hat from the top to release some cool water on your scalp and face. If stopped- add some cold water or expose it to open air. 


CoolHead™ cooling insert can provide cooling comfort for extended periods of time. The special material inside the helmet keeps cooler temperature for hours and it only requires little amount of cold water. 

We use high grade and extra thick PVA with evaporative technology. 

The more water you soak it with, the longer it takes to evaporate, which means the longer it stays cool for you! It will easily keep an athlete in a comfortable temperature zone for at approximately 1-3 hours hours, if soaked with cold water. This special material retains water, yet feels relatively dry to touch.

Heat comparison test revealed that CoolHead™ helmet material* riding in 85˚F+ high humidity weather for over an hour showed 11-20 degree difference on the inside of the helmet.