My name is Sergei and I will be your personal training guide in cycling.

Whether you are a beginner cyclist, looking to get back into riding or simply need a responsible and experienced cycling buddy without intimidating group rides and their drama, you are in the right place.

I will guide for everything you need to get in the saddle- from bike fitting, gear to nutrition. If you already have a bike- great! If not, there are some available to rent or buy close by. We will ride all the safest and most scenic routes in Miami-Dade county. For more adventurous cycling enthusiasts I also have some great routes in South America and Eastern Europe. 

I love cycling. I find it to be the most entertaining and adventurous way to exercise, enjoy life and be outdoors. Let's go for a ride?!

* Great references available upon request.


15 benefits of cycling.


1. Cycling improves mental well-being

2. Cycling promotes weight loss

3. Cycling builds muscle

4. Enjoy second breakfasts

5. Better lung health

6. Cuts heart disease and cancer risk

7. Cycling is low impact

8. Cycling slows down body aging

9. Cycling improves navigational skills

10. Improves sex life

11. Improves sleep

12. Boosts your brain power

13. Improves handling and spacial awareness

14. Strengthen your immune system

15. Improves digestion

Miles behind and miles ahead.

“How do I get my child started in cycling?” It’s one of the first questions bike-riding parents ask.

Let's start with the proper bike that actually fits the rider. First few rides can take place in quiet residential neighborhoods before going on the road.