CoolHead color is white- the best color for not absorbing the heat from the sun. White light is the sum of all wavelengths, so sunlight hitting the object's surface is reflected back. Some heat is still absorbed based on the nature of the object's material, but minimal heat is absorbed, making white the coolest possible color.

Optical shield with magnetic attachment, wind tunnel aided design, cooling comfort padding and slimline buckle.

The shield is held in place with three simple magnets. They create a solid connection and the visor doesn’t rattle. 

You can use the shield, take it off completely, or flip it upside down so it is attached to the helmet but out of the way.  The rear basket is adjustable to allow for the best fit possible.

It can also be used as a traditional EN-1078 Safety Standard helmet anytime without soaking it with water. It will serve it's purpose as a protective element against head injury in case of an accident. If you prefer to remove the magnetic shield you can use it with any other type of cycling glasses. 

The aerodynamic design creates the perfect airflow system which will cool off the material on both sides of rider’s head as well as increase the rider's speed. 

CoolHead helmet is equipped with cushion-type soft buckle strap for rider's comfort and safety.

Another cool feature is a small rear opening on the exterior backside of the helmet, which allows you to cool it off by pouring some water on-the-go. 


There are two sizes available to choose from:                                         

Small / Medium ( 21.25" - 22.83")   Medium / Large ( 22.83" - 24.40" )


Total helmet weight including the shield: 10 oz ( 280 g )


EN 166  /  EN-1078  /  EN 170